Leo Bae
Community Tutor
Platonic Love / MBTI I sometimes think about platonic love. It is fair to say that both men and women need physical love instinctively. But it is only a part of love. In my opinion, finding a platonic love can be more difficult. It could be difficult, especially for me. I’ve had a personality test which is worldwide famous. The result says that people who have this kind of personality are rare. Statistically, it says the figure is under 1 %. Somehow, I was happy because I always thought I was strange and weird. I thought there are a few people like me in this world at least and I felt I found something which shows who I am. Looking through the result, I could look at myself. I even thought I could set a new goal based on this data. Sometimes I use a dating app and when I rarely see people write their mbti ( personality test ) on their profile, I am a bit excited because I can guess their personality through the result indirectly before meeting. I hope many people use MBTI more. It is such a waste of time meeting who you don’t like after you are fooled by a fake profile. I strongly recommend that you give a try to the personality test, MBTI. You may be able to find out parts that you don’t even know about yourself before.
Feb 2, 2022 12:59 PM