Of course language helps bring people together. Shared languages and standardization has helped advancements in education, technology, and more! But regional dialects and native languages start to slowly fade away as we become more globalized. I think if a language is dying, we should protect it. Languages around us are unique, it's our past, our history, our culture. The language is our identity. We can't let it go. But also there are some common languages like English, French, Spanish and others. They are also important, they help us communicate and speak with others. I think if people know these languages, they will be able to share and speak more.
May 25, 2022 1:20 PM
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Some parents don't want their children to suffer isolation and exclusion so, sometimes they don't teach their children their own language but a second language if that means they'll have more opportunities in life. Thanks, I like what you wrote. It's not an easy topic
May 27, 2022