19/365 I got my second vaccination dose in the afternoon. I finally kind of breathed a sigh of relief. The COVID-19 situation is getting worse and worse in Melbourne. The lockdown has lasted for a long time, so a lot of young people have been tired of the restrictions. These days, hundreds of protesters marched and clashed with police in the CBD of Melbourne. They put the other people at high risk of getting infected COVID-19. It's really terrible and disgraceful. They didn't care that healthcare workers are doing so much to protect our community and save lives. The best way to get back to a normal life is to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Besides, It's my son's 8th birthday today. My wife and I bought him a tasty cake and two gifts. He was really excited and made a wish before blowing out the birthday candles. He is asleep with his presents at the moment. I hope he can fulfill his wish and have a nice dream!
Sep 23, 2021 12:18 PM