Sandra Kaufmann
Ukraine has long been famous for its distinctive traditions and authentic color, which it constantly passes from generation to generation. Most of all, they are reflected in national holidays, preserved for centuries of rites, beliefs and customs. It is the holidays that, with their uniqueness, reveal the great cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people. The most revered holidays on Ukrainian soil are associated with the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ - Christmas and Resurrection. Preparation for them is given much attention, they are preceded by long fasts. In addition, the festivities last for several days and on a large scale, no one stays away from these celebrations. True Ukrainian holidays, such as Ivan Kupala, Melanka, Sviatka and many others are celebrated traditionally, following all customs and rites. Usually such mass festivities include various types of entertainment for young people - divination, parties, dancing and more. There are also Orthodox holidays - the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, the Exaltation, the Annunciation - when people go to church, pray, ask for prosperity and forgiveness of sins and rest.There are public holidays in Ukraine that have a special historical significance. These are Independence Day, Constitution Day and Victory Day, in honor of which parades are held, a cultural program is prepared, people take to the streets of their city, greet each other. The main thing is that these days remind Ukrainians how many trials the country has gone through for its formation.Ukraine also celebrates the New Year, International Women's Day, and May Day. These holidays are not of a religious nature, but the Ukrainian people usually celebrate them more than once a day, following also some established traditions. For example, everyone knows that a New Year's holiday table is impossible without an olivier salad, and on March 8 - without tulips and mimosas given to women.
Sep 24, 2021 4:58 AM