Well, from my point of view there are several reasons why people commit crimes in the first place. There are either short of money and are ready to steal or even kill for it or seek new experiences, desire to be seen as formidable and respect worthy and take pleasure in participating in extreme things. In the first case the best solution is mostly dependant on governments - if they don't provide their citizens with decent remunerations and never pay attention to unemployment, nothing is going to change. The second reason is much more complicated - people with such aptitude hardly ever respond to conversations and therapy, they tend to continue attempting to commit some sort of crime. The officials must preserve ordinary people from such individuals by locking them in special medical institutions and applying physiological treatment. Hope I was able to make a point)
Sep 24, 2021 8:46 AM
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My view is that there are two major reasons why people commit crimes. Firstly, the people who commit crimes are either short of money or are ready to steal or even kill for thrills or excitements. They want to feel powerful. As the crimes are financially driven, the government may assist by reviewing the employment market to create job opportunities. They may also help with unemployment benefits to help their citizens tide over these difficult periods. Secondly, it could be caused by personality dusorders and mental illnesses. This is a very complex and complicated area. Both psychologists and psychiatrists may be needed to examine the patients, understand the causes and help them with therapy to resolve or minimise their illnesses. The last resort could be mandatory confinement in special medical institutions. I hope I have made my points clear.
September 24, 2021
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