Anto Ci
On of the jobs I think it will be the sale assistant in the shop and the waiter /ess in the restaurant bar, cafe will be replaced by robots. In some restaurant are applying this new artificial intelligence, but it’s important to have a surveillance by human eye. This robot grants/guarantee the same action the an human can do. Some more developed robot are able to convey with the customer. This amazed me. It’s breathtaking. I figured a robot able only to do what you are requesting, but to chat with, to trust, or just helping in my life with some sweet world was unthinkable for me. This drew attention of everybody. I want just to clarify that a lot of sales assistant will lose his job. But if from one side the lose of jibes, on the other side there will a raise of request on IT,computing to develop electronic appliances.the other day I was reading that the manager of one of the cruise ship claimed that in the next years his ships will adopt 50% artificial intelligence. This are steps towards the future. It makes me to hope.
Sep 27, 2021 10:24 AM
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I think one of the jobs will be the salesman in the store and the waiter / ESS in the restaurant bar, the cafeteria will be replaced by robots. Some restaurants use this new artificial intelligence, but it is important to have human eye surveillance. This robot grants / guarantees the same action that the human can perform. A further developed robot is able to communicate with the client. That amazed me. Is great. I imagined a robot that can only do what you ask but chat with it. to trust or just help my life with a sweet world was unthinkable for me.It gives me hope.
September 27, 2021
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