Anto Ci
No, absolutely no. I think that you build and shape your personality on the environment that you live. The education that you had. How your parents grew you. Maybe you had a good education but not an asservite character and then when you will go out from home to go to university, if you have a weak personality it’s easy to take the wrong road only because you met the bad friends. On my point of view, each child must have a stubborn character but at the same to understand when to be flexible and approachable. I learned this things experiencing my childhood playing with my friends on the streets, and with the help of my parents. Before the duty with homework and the you will have the pleasure to play with your friends. Nowdays this kind of personality I think are disappearing, not because I’m old fashioned but just because I noticed it from cousins, how they are growing up. Different how me or my dad. So they are some ingredients to mix, to assemble a strong personality. Because with a weak personality they you will have trouble to deal with the life and will get in trouble, you will cut off from the society, where the real beliefs are dissolved
Sep 27, 2021 4:29 PM