Hi~I'm planning to go to America. I want many many comments. The best way to leaning english is what
Apr 5, 2008 4:06 AM
Answers · 3
Actually, if you could keep you passion for learning English, you would improve it! That’s why I come here. :)
April 6, 2008
Hey there, Sorry, I'm new to iTalki so I don't quite know how to use it yet. ^^; The best way to learn english is to find a native speaker (like myself) and have them help you with english. If you can find a native english speaker where you live, they can help you a lot. Dating an english speaker helps too. D
April 5, 2008
hi, i suggest ,make an atmosphear of english for your self or if you wana to go with your family for them too , it means try to speake it ,listen to it,writing it ,comunicate on itin every second of your time ofcourse use the suitable books or every other resources for it. GOOD LUCK
April 5, 2008
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