How do you describe computer skills for CV in English? What sounds better and more natural for an English speaker - strong computer literacy, computer fluency or confident user of PC? If neither, please suggest a better phrase. Thanks
Aug 2, 2011 2:10 PM
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Don't use "computer fluency or confident user of PC". You can use "strong computer skills" but you probably want to be more specific on your CV. In other words, you'll want to list the computer skills in which you are strong. If not, it sounds vague (non-specific). Computer literacy is a valid term in common English but it is extremely vague and does not tell your prospective employer much about you. Good luck!
August 2, 2011
Here is a list of computer skills. Have a look and list the ones you have
August 2, 2011
Thanks a lot! It's such a detailed explanation!
January 7, 2013
Hi Natalia ! You can just give this title in your resume: Computer skills And enumerate all your skills like that: Microsoft office suite Expert and Microsoft Operating Systems. Understanding the problems of data security. Use of a computer for scientific research and Internet highly skilled. Fixing software conflicts and repairing computer hardware. you can ever add or delete at your convenience. Computer fluency: is not correct. Because we can be fluent with a language but not with a computer. Computer literacy: even this mean you have a good literature in computer science but technically speaking this not suitable to say Better would be to say: COMPUTER SKILLS and I AM SKILLED IN COMPUTER SCIENCE But you have to specify in with field or technical skills you have such as programing / hardware repairing and so on. Hope This help . Ahmed
January 6, 2013
Adept/ Proficient in PC Adept/Proficient at using PC
August 2, 2011
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