Noora EL S.
what is the meaning o sukoon and hamzah and is there a rule i read also hamzah fathah ,hamzah kasrah hamzah dammah...
Dec 25, 2007 8:53 AM
Answers · 1
fat'ha, dammah, kasrah, in Arabic language changes the litter sound, for example, if you are pronouncing "D" with "fat'ha" it will be "Da", with "dammah" will be "Do", with "kasrah" will be "Di", with "sukoon" would be a silent litter. hamzah pronounced "A","E",or "O". when it is written like this "أ" its "a" with fatha and "o" with dammah. when its written "إ" its "e". also when its written "ؤ" its only pronounced "o". and when its written in the middle of the word like this "ـئـ" or in the last of the word "ئ" it would be "e".
December 25, 2007
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