Laura Middleton
Another question on passive Thanks again for the help with my previous question. I would be grateful if someone could help with another question on the passive. If I want to write the following sentence; ‘I am paid by my company ‘ I’m not sure whether the ‘company’ would be classed as a ‘person’ and hence use ‘von’ Ich werde ‘von der Firma’ bezahlt or as an ‘object/instrument’ and instead use ‘mit’ Ich werde ‘durch die Firma’ bezahlt I’m guessing the latter sounds more probable but would appreciate someone’s expertise in ensuring the correct translation. Thanks Laura
Feb 9, 2012 8:23 PM
Answers · 2
It should be: "Ich werde von der Firma bezahlt." The company is an agent here. "Ich werde durch die Firma bezahlt." means via company.
February 9, 2012
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