How would you say ‘toneless Chinese’ in Chinese?没声的中文? How would you say ‘toneless Chinese’ in Chinese?For example what I want to say is; If I have to listen to anymore toneless Chinese I will go crazy! Or, as another example; His Chinese is toneless.
Feb 21, 2012 3:34 PM
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Literally, toneless Chinese = 没声调的中文. If a foreigner who is learning Chinese cannot get the four tones right, you can say he speaks 没声调的中文. If a person who is a native Chinese speaker has a flat voice (voice/pitch stays the same with no emotion, never gets high or low), You can say : he speaks 没有抑扬顿挫的中文.
February 21, 2012
非漢語母語人士 尤其憑羅馬拼音而學習者 (部分教科書略去四聲符號) 若無勤加練習 便無法純熟的掌握四聲變化 說起漢語來即類似機器人說話 平平板板的 缺乏聲調 在早期的電影電視劇中 機器人的語言即是如此 TONELESS TONELESS 與其說它是 無聲調 毋寧說它 聽在母語人士的耳朵裡 是 ""怪腔怪調"" ""洋腔洋調""
February 22, 2012
没声调的汉语? 如果我听没声调的汉语,我就要疯了。 他说汉语没声调。
February 21, 2012
toneless Chinese. interesting, maybe lots of chinese leaders speak toneless Chinese ,that means speak with no emotion and voice stay flat,make others feel like,wow,so boring. my personal opinion.
February 22, 2012
Ummm Cherry, My tones are fine thank you, I have been speaking Chinese nearly 4 years!!
February 24, 2012
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