i have lack of confidence in english
Apr 24, 2008 6:39 PM
Answers · 5
hi, youcan improve it to the better conditions Via practicing more & more when you can thinking in english for making its sentences you get a big step on it. try it you can dont worry GOOD LUCK
April 24, 2008
1 year ago,i was similar to your circumstance.confidence comes from yourself keep in your mind "i can do it " as other people can . you also have knowledge, vocabulary as well as people So,try it on now . and fell successful. I'm sure that "IT'S WONDERFUL" GOOD LUCK
May 5, 2008
dont bee dejected.lets find a solutiuon for this ,but i need cooperation frm u
May 4, 2008
you should speak english everywere .do not feel bad.. good luck
May 1, 2008
i have been learning english since october.i m not good at speaking and my vocabulary is not enough to speak very well.we can choose a subject to write or i m watching to prison break (on the tv).it's my best serie.i chose you because my sister who is in america for ten years will marry a indian man.we can speak about india.i m turkish.i live in turkey.if you want to know about turkey you can ask me;)
April 24, 2008
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