Chi Jihyun
Can someone translate into English these lyrics? ^^; These are the lyrics: 따뜻한 내일의 일터 희망의 태양이 비춰 일 찾는 사람 일 하는 사람 모두가 행벅한 일터 우리들의 꿈을 펼칠 더 많은 일자리 기희는 많고 안전하고 차별 없는 일터를 만들어요 모두가 일하고 싶은 곳 모두가 꿈 꿀 수 있눈 곳 새롭게 출발 해봐요 내일 희망의 일터로 웃어요! 할 수 있어요 힘내요! 더 신나게 일 해봐요 당신ᄋl 늘 꿈꾸던 그 곳으로 모두 다 함께 웃어 봐요!
Jun 21, 2012 9:36 AM
Answers · 2
warm tomorrow's workplace the sun of the hope shines people looking for jobs, people who are working the workplace all people are happy with, to start making our dreams come true far more employment lots of opportunities and safety let's create workplace without any discrimination the place we all would love to work the place we all are able to dream time to take off again to the workplace of the hope smile! you can do it cheer up! work more positively at the place where you always desired let's all smile together! This is very interesting :D i enjoyed reading it. As i am not really specialised in english, it may sound a bit awkward to you. But, i hope this helped you understand it. 한국어 공부 열심히하세요 화이팅!
June 21, 2012
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