i need help i have a serius problems in english i must speak and anderstand this language
May 3, 2008 4:52 PM
Answers · 2
It's OK to need help. Everyone needs help with language. You can do many things on your own. You can read more in English. Look at the website for the British Broadcasting System. They have many articles for people learning English. Another interesting site is I am using this site to learn German. You can use italki to chat with people, to practice thinking in English. Keep a notebook or set of small cards. Write down in the notebook or on the cards the words you see in your reading that you did not know. Review those words when you have some time -- even 2-3 minutes helps. To really learn English, however, you must take a course or follow a program. A good teacher will help you make the most progress. (That is what my students tell me, at least, and yes, I am an English teacher) I hope this helps. Rick
May 3, 2008
hi you have to learn it all of your time listen it more & more even in sleeping(for making you familier with it) write many short & step by step long sentences in it(for grammer & thinking in english not in your language). speak more evevn you have many mistakes (you can resolve them one by one) language is an doing thing not only memorizing it so dont be shy use it more & more repeat after native speakers their sentences loudly (not only in your mind) dont worry you can learn it better than now( you are good now) GOOD LUCK
May 3, 2008
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