大家好!我不太清楚 ”啰嗦“ 有什么意思呢? 我老师说,她妈妈很啰嗦,总是对她说应该多吃饭,应该多穿衣服。但是我还不明白。请你们给我更多例子?
Oct 7, 2012 5:00 AM
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Hello Olga, a. (People or writing) 说话,言语絮絮叨叨,繁冗拖沓; b. (People)办事不痛快,使人感觉麻烦。 c. (Things)琐碎;麻烦的 (when you need to go through very complicated processes to get things done) 啰嗦 simply means someone is doing things or saying (expressing or explaining) things in an unnecessarily complicated way. Keep in mind that 啰嗦 is used to show disapprove, it is also a subjective term, which means this phrase is used when you are annoyed with the way someone is doing things or the way things are done. If your mom told you not forget to take the umbrella just in case, you would kiss your mom and say thanks; but if your mom said that ten times during your breakfast, you would feel annoyed and say "妈妈,别啰嗦了,您都说十遍了,我知道了" But if your husband or your boyfriend says "I love you" to you, I believe you will be very happy to hear that; you wouldn't feel annoyed or use "你也太啰嗦了' even he said that one hundred times in a day.
October 7, 2012
“啰嗦”means too talkable~especially one's mother who cares him too much to tell him what he should do many times..or just one person who tells others something over and over again,others will think that he is "啰嗦“.
October 7, 2012
it means talkative ; long-winded ; wordy
October 7, 2012
October 7, 2012
啰嗦就是说了多余的、没必要的话或者词。“啰嗦”在不同的环境下有不同的意思,妈妈啰嗦,意思是有很多话妈妈说了很多次(或者是交代很多没必要交代的事情),让你感觉到厌烦,所以就说妈妈啰嗦。老师说你啰嗦,是因为你在造句的时候用了多余的词语,在这种情况下,这个句子就显得啰嗦。in english like wordy ,verbose .
October 7, 2012
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