what does "House Whip Boggs"mean? [House Whip Boggs, who happened to be driving past on South Executive Avenue, stopped his car, leaped out to wave farewell, and abruptly stopped, feeling ridiculous when he realized that no one could possibly see him from above.] House Whip Boggs was waving goodbye to JFK, who was House Whip Boggs?
Oct 11, 2012 3:39 AM
Answers · 1
Hale Boggs was a senior U.S. politician in the 1950s-1960s. He was a congressman from Louisiana, and rose in the Democratic policy to become the "whip," which is the person who polls members before a vote is taken to learn if it is likely to pass or fail (and helps to persuade those on the "wrong" side to change their vote). He died in a plane crash in Alaska; his daughter, Cokie Roberts, is a famous American journalist.
October 11, 2012
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