Could you tell me the meaning of "take off" in this sentence. This is a sentence in a news article. "Rocky Poeta took off sprinting and dancing down Main Street to finish in the lead at the courthouse. " It's a bit difficult for me to imagine this situation. Does "took off sprinting and dancing" mean that started walking briskly and dancing? Thank you :)
Oct 14, 2012 2:06 AM
Answers · 4
Smile, I read the article where you found this sentence. "Sprinting", means running very quickly and usually for a short distance. Because these men were wearing high-heeled women's shoes, they were probably not very stable on their feet and the author of this article described their awkward running as something resembling dancing. As a man, I cannot imagine trying to run in high-heeled women's shoes. When the sentence says, "Rocky Poeta took off...", it means that from the place where he started, Rocky ran quickly all the way to the courthouse.
October 14, 2012
took off = 走起来
October 14, 2012
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