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What does this mean "....this is last minute"? Could you give me a sentense example?
Oct 22, 2012 6:59 AM
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One expression would be that you need to finish what you're doing now/immediately, or you're not gonna be allowed or have the chance to finish. (example) FATHER SAYS: "I told you to get off of the computer twenty minutes ago!" SON SAYS: "I'm almost done" FATHER SAYS: "This is the last minute.".... then five minutes later the son is still on computer, so the father shuts it off on him, even though the son wasn't done.... But I think you might mean the saying/expression : "waiting till the last minute" , which is usually used when someone waits until it's just about time to do something before they do it, therefore they have to rush, and it's their own fault, because they waited until it was almost time to do something, or to get something done. (Example) something a boyfriend might hear all the time from his girlfriend : " You didn't take a shower yet! You already knew we have to be at the party by 7:00pm! You're always waiting till the last minute to get ready! Now we are probably going to be late! Hurry up!!!! " the boyfriend hurries up to get ready haha..... Hopefully that helps you understand the expression a little better, but "till" might not be a real word, it might just be a slang word for the actual word it means(until). I have had a lot of experience in "waiting till the last minute" in the past heehee :) ... Good luck
October 22, 2012
I think this last minute means pressed for time.
October 22, 2012
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