I am learning turkish and I'd like to know more about Turkish fonem. Could somebody tell me?
Oct 23, 2012 6:41 AM
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Hi Indri! We read exactly like how we write. If you listen to Turkish Alphabet ( and listen to some words (, it will be easier for you to read them by time I think. There are some letters like; ğ ş ç ı which people find it hard to pronounce. They tend not to read "ğ" but read the previous vowel longer instead, it is the closest solution which I've seen so far although it has a different sound in real. ş is like sh ç is like ch and ı is like the sound in English word angel --> encıl In some languages when you see "ei" together it can have a "y" sound. But in Turkish it is not a case for two reasons. First as I said above, we read just like we write, the second in a Turkish word you cannot see two vowels next to each other unless it is a loanword like saat = hour, and some old people already can read it like "sahat". I hope it helps, if you need more information always feel free to ask please. Good wishes
October 29, 2012
In Turkish each letter has a fonem so once knowing the pronunciation of each letter the reading should not be a problem, since all words are pronounced exactly how they are written. in Turkish each letter of the alphabet has only one corresponding sound, while in English one letter can have many corresponding sounds. Learning to read and write in Turkish is therefore easier than English. Good Luck
October 25, 2012
Do you mean phonetics?
October 23, 2012
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