Question))) What does "drinking spree" mean? Or "spending spree"? Can i say it about somebody who like to drink any alcogol without control? Thanks!
Oct 25, 2012 5:26 PM
Answers · 3
A drinking spree is a time when a person drinks a large amount of alcohol, without regard for the consequences. A person who drank that way all the time would be classified as either a drunk or an alcoholic. A drinking spree has a begin and and end, while an alcoholic is drinking all the time. A perfectly normal person could go on one drinking spree and stop. Many students go on a break from college in the spring in the U.S. and travel to resort areas, where most of them go on a drinking spree for a week. Unfortunately, a few of them don't know when it's time to stop and keep going when the get back to school.
October 25, 2012
"drinking spree" drinking too much/excessively "spending spree"= over spending/ spending too much money
October 26, 2012
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