hi! I want a language partner to practice french.Please help me.Thanks
May 17, 2008 6:25 PM
Answers · 5
May 24, 2008
i kann help u
May 22, 2008
hello gulsah. i will be glad to speak with you; mee too i need to improve my english, so let's talk with each other. ok take care and see you next time;
May 22, 2008
لا اعرف اللغه الفرنسيه ارجو منكي المساعدة وشكرأ لكي
May 22, 2008
HI, i'd like to be your french language partner if you wou'd like too. I speak French very well and i want to learn English. Maybe wa can help each other. So, as we say in French, à plus tard (see you soon)
May 20, 2008
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