Why we have to learn English ? why all univercity talk English and learn by English language
Feb 28, 2013 1:39 PM
Answers · 3
I think English's importance is due to the fact that some prominent countries with the bigger economies (let's read "power" in some way) are english speaking countries. Let's mention USA and United Kingdom who were part of the initial G6 (group of countries that have global relevance in economical, political and military terms). That added to the fact that many countries around the globe speak this language, thus it has gained importance and has been tacitly stablished as the language for global business :))))
February 28, 2013
I'm sure that must be frustrating. I think the answer is that we haven't common technology that allows us to understand any language in use (though I wish we had) and so, as the world becomes more global, we need a common language. In numbers, there are more native Chinese speakers than native English speakers, but the British colonized so many places over time that it was perhaps the most widespread geographically...in most continents. I'm not a historian by any means, but I suspect that has something to do with it. K
February 28, 2013
I think the answer for this question is the Arabic language is very difficult to learn it , and it's have grammer different from other countries and it's difficult .
February 28, 2013
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