first step hi all, would you please tell me how can i start learning Spanish, actually I am Arabic native speaker and I am advanced in English also
May 26, 2008 6:18 PM
Answers · 2
Good think you already know English. You may try some basic grammar sites for English-speakers. Try in Google or YouTube with "spanish grammar" "spanish lessons", etc. Then try reading online SP (formal) newspapers, or using the forums here. Keep in mind that most people here aren't formal teachers, though they are also learning languages, so they'll be kind and patient with your mistakes, something much appreciated by beginners like us. I suggest leaving real-time conversations (chat/skype) for last stages, or once you feel yourself enough fluent and confident in talking. Anyway, the point is that this thing is made of people learning and making mistakes all the time, in all languages. So feel free to join teh forums and learning groups here. Good luck!
May 28, 2008
Well, the best way for me to learn another language is to travel where it's spoken. It might be hard at the beggining but you can try to stay a couple of weeks lost somewhere in Spain and try to learn something. " El camino de Santiago " (Something like Santiago's path) would be a cheaper option. You'll meet some lots of people just walking from one point to Santiago de Compostela (a city). near all the nights you'll have to pay nothing to rest in the different places where the peregrins gather themselves. I would not be Spanish I'll try that option. Good luck!
May 26, 2008
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