my huge problem hello every one!!!! am here b/c i want to improve my english with ur help and advice. i am preparing to ielts. and now my problem is sorry my huge problem is grammar.am studying it. but i cant. can u have a good idea? how i can learn grammar. am waiting ur advice. best wishes...... see u
May 28, 2008 9:07 PM
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Hi tesnim, If you want to overcome the difficulties in leaning English gramma, you can set up your mind to get rid of it. I remember one of my English teachers has said: Gramma is rubbish" o(∩_∩)o BUT you need to pass the exam. So I strongly advise you to break up the whole into parts. You can learn them bit by bit. You can buy a small, portative grammar book to do your study. Making a detailed plan may be of a lot help. Don't be afraid of them. When you bite them off, you will find indeed the gramma is not so hard to deal with. Good luck !
May 29, 2008
Hello, How are you. Namaste. I am glad to know that u r interested in learning English / Hindi. You have taken the first positive step. Please note that I have been teaching professionally Hindi / English conversation since last 3 years. I teach Online and One to one too. We use skype/yahoo messenger. Webcam is optional. I am willing to assist you. Would you be keen in taking lessons. Please feel free to inform. You may write to me [email protected] May I now look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Best of luck.
May 29, 2008
Here is a couple of good websites where you can hear them pronounce the words you want to learn in english: http://www.ello.org/ and http//www.howjsay.com and http://shiporsheep.com if you need anything else just contact me.
May 28, 2008
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