Le aconsejó ir al hospital ..... Su madre le tocó la frente a su hijo y le dijo que tenía fiebre. Le aconsejó ir al hospital que quedaba a dos pasos de la casa. in the sentence, the subject is "su madre", but "ir al hospital" should be made by her son, so how come 2 verbs(aconsejar and ir ) can use togather?
May 30, 2008 10:10 AM
Answers · 2
That's be because "aconsejar" would be the equivalent for the modal verb should so the first verb is conjugated and the other verb "ir" remains in the infinitive aconsejó ir is like making suggestions with should go Here is another example Puedo cantar (I can sing) Here the verb "puedo" would be the modal verb and the verb "cantar" remains in its infinitive form I hope that helps =)
May 30, 2008
Le aconsejó ir al hospital = Ella le aconsejó a él ir al hospital You can say : Le aconsejó que fuera al hospital = Le aconsejó que fuese al hospital
June 2, 2008
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