Japanese Airport Talk? Hi guys, I work in Heathrow Airport and we get quite a lot of Japanese customers. Although most of them speak Japanese, I would really appreciate it if you guys could teach me how to say the following questions in Japanese 1: "Any liquids, Cosmetics or Medication?" (I need to shout this) 2: "Sorry, this is too big, I have to confiscate this." 3: "That's fine! Enjoy your flight sir/madam." 4: "This way please!" Translations for these sentences would help greatly when dealing with Japanese customers, thank you!
Jun 5, 2008 4:41 PM
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Since I don't know your Japanese level, I wrote the translations in 3 different levels: Kanji and hiragana combination, Roman-ji, and closest pronunciation I could imagine in aplphabet combinations. 1.  液体、化粧品、薬品は ありますか?Ekitai, keshouhin, yakuhin-wa arimasuka? (eh-key-tie, keh-show-hin, yak-hin wah ali-mas-kah?) 2. これは 大きすぎます。没収させていただきます。Kore-wa oukisugimasu. Bosshuu sasete itadakimasu.(koh-leh-wa oki-su-ghee-mas. bo-shoe-sas-seteh-ee-tah-dah-key-mas.) 3.  OK!お気をつけて いってらっしゃい。OK! O-ki-wo tsukete itte rasshai. (OK! O-key-wo tsu-keh-teh it-teh-la-shy.) 4. こちらへどうぞ!Kochira-e douzo! (koh-chi-la-eh doe-zoh!)
June 8, 2008
I would like to help you these sentence. but if you use them, you should say business talk(japanese). So I need to know your situation when you use them.. Just No.4 = "Douzo kochira desu"..when you say it, you should shown which way.
June 6, 2008
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