hello!!i would like to know more about the festivals of CHINA..."wo deng zhe ni"
Jun 17, 2008 5:31 AM
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春节(chun1 jie2 ) spring festival 1.1 different area have different ways to celebrate their 春节 寒食(han2 shi2) 4.4 in this day, we don't eat cooked food, and we worship our ancestors 端午(duan1 wu3) 5.5 eat 粽子(zong4 zi) to memory Quyuan(屈原) 七夕(qi1 xi1) 7.7 chinese Valentine's Day 中元节(zhong1 yuan2) 7.15 Ghost's day. Sometimes like Halloween, but more series 中秋节(zhong1 qiu1) 8.15 all family gather to celebrate the festival. eat Moon Cake(月饼yue4 bing3) 重阳节(chong2 yang2) 9.9 Old man's Day. We need clamd on a high hill. All these date are in chinese Lunar calendar(农历nong2 li1)
June 19, 2008
nfoever,"dragon boat"festiva(端午节) is 'duan wu jie',haha ~~ it's on 5 may,lunar calendar. it also has a name "double five festival". the most commonly used name is 'duan wu jie'
June 18, 2008
From this year,our country put the "dragon boat"festiva(端午节)as the official festival.
June 18, 2008
“qing ming jie” this day,we sweep a grave "yuan xiao jie" 15 January lunar calendar
June 17, 2008
'chun jie' is the most important festival of china. it's the first day in lunar calendar. there is also 'qi xi' 7 july in lunar calendar,it's chinese valentine's day. we eat 'zong zi' at 'duan wu jie'. we eat 'yue bing '(moon cake) in 'zhong qiu jie'
June 17, 2008
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