Jun Yao
help me understand the meaning of 'wearable companies' This is some sentences of a speech froms someone who have just attended international electric show. Can you explain the meaning of 'wearable companies'. 'With the exception of very cool curved 4K fTV sets, sensors are featured in applications everywhere I went. More than 30 new wearable companies showcased their goods. It was thrilling to witness the positive momentum that Internet of Things (IoT) is creating.'companies
Jan 15, 2014 1:07 AM
Answers · 4
The only thing I think you could be referring to is Wearable Technology Companies. Google Glasses, smartwatches, etc. It could be referring to companies who produce wearable technology... but without more context, I don't think I can give you a better answer than that, sorry!
January 15, 2014
I believe this refers to companies that create electronic products you can wear, such as smart watches or pedometers with a built-in GPS.
January 15, 2014
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