how can you say Hi ow are you how can you say "Hi ow are you in japanesese
Jun 28, 2008 12:29 PM
Answers · 3
Konnichiwa, ogenki desu ka. 今日はお元気ですか。
July 5, 2008
how are you- ogenki desu ka?, and when you answer i'm fine- genki desu. in saying hello..commonly they were saying konnichi wa? saying hello to a friend you haven't seen for a long'll say..konnichi wa! hisashiburi des' ne?... des' ne means-right? in english it will gonna be.. "hello! long time no see.."
July 1, 2008
How are you is "Ogenki desu ka". The answer to it is "genki desu." Hope this helps.
July 1, 2008
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