Por favor, could anybody know websides with movie in portuguese and may be with subtitles?
Jun 28, 2008 11:16 PM
Answers · 4
Hi. It depends of what kind of portuguese you want to learn, because the European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese have different accents. Which are you looking for?
July 2, 2008
June 29, 2008
I really doubt you can find any, but you can try listening to some brazilian music and find their lyrics on
June 29, 2008
I don't know with subtitles. I watched a while ago, a really ice portuguese animation on youtube, called "A suspeita" . If you like short movies, go to . They have a huge library of Brazilian Short Movies. But not only there is not subtitles but it is all in Portuguese. Well, if you don't mind, I suggest you a classical one "Ilha das Flores". I just found in Youtube w/ subtitles: . Hope you enjoy it.
June 29, 2008
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