Do you have any pets?
Jul 1, 2008 10:22 PM
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我wo3在zai4上shang4海hai3的de0家jia1里li0有you3只zhi1鹦ying1鹉wu3,但dan4是shi4现xian4在zai4没mei2有you3。 There's a parrot at my home in Shanghai. But now, I haven't got one. 我I 在at/in 上海Shanghai 的the 家home 里at/in 有there is/have 只(一只)one 鹦鹉parrot,但是but 现在now 没not 有have。
July 2, 2008
i wish have many pets.but my mum said i cant support myself even.....我想要很多宠物,但妈妈说我连自己都养不活。。。。。。。(我养动物,动物必死无疑)
July 4, 2008
I have a dog (Alistair) and a cat (Bear.) I call the cat "Bear" because she stands on her rear legs like a bear when she is in a curious mood. I call my dog "Alistair" because it is the Gaelic version of "Alexander"-- my name. Alistair is a Jack Russell Terrier, professional show off and all around good dog. Here is a picture if anyone is curious:
July 4, 2008
I had a very beautiful yellow tabbycat 7 years ago,but now,she is gone how I miss her! I love cat~ how about you?
July 2, 2008
wo mei yang shen me chong wu. bu guo yi hou, wo xiang yang zhi mao. yang zhi gou. wo jue dui bu hui yi qi ta men. yao hao hao de chong ai ta men.
July 2, 2008
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