how do i say "i'll be right back" en espanol
Jul 4, 2008 10:19 PM
Answers · 7
You can't translate this directly, as it's an english 'casual' phrase. some options could be, depending on the country we're using the spanish in, 'Vuelvo pronto' ([I will] come back soon) [polite] 'Ya vuelvo' ([I] come back) [casual] 'Volveré pronto' (I [am going to] come back soon) [polite] These are pretty neutral, and unless you use specific dialect words, they should be understood by any spanish speaker
July 12, 2008
I like teach spanish ok
July 6, 2008
en Argentina decimos "ya vuelvo"
July 5, 2008
July 5, 2008
ya regreso
July 5, 2008
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