HOW TO LEARN THE ACCENT OF AMERICAN ENGLISH 我希望学美音,美音发音比英音夸张,更圆润饱满,但是我的嘴形似乎总是不能做到位,(本人也挺腼腆)发音感觉很平。我要怎样练习,才能提高我的口音。
Jul 7, 2008 1:11 PM
Answers · 2
yes, if you wany an american accent then do not talk to my fellow canadians or any others who seap english, becasue we have different english accents depending on the country it is spoken in
July 9, 2008
the best way, i imagine, is to speak regularly with Americans and only Americans. If you talk to Britons and Australians too it may make it harder to speak with a perfect American accent. ... British accent is the best though :P
July 7, 2008
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