Why do so many foreigners love to learn Chinese? 为什么这么多外国人喜欢学中文?
Jul 10, 2008 2:28 PM
Answers · 4
because i think that chinese is becoming spread all over the world, and it's not like english, french, spanish, greak, tagalog... it contains many characters and the writing way is absolutely different from the other languages. it's a routine to write the other languages like a b c d e....but chinese is such to paint. i think that's a beautiful art and chinese population have to keep their precious pearle in safe.and the most important thing is that china has a different look as it was in past, their image front of the world had changed and became more opened for differents cultures and countries. finally china is something which create curiosity to foreigners; that's why people want to learn the chinese language. tai jian
July 10, 2008
Ask yourself why you like to learn English... Cheers!
July 10, 2008
compared to other languages, chinese doesn't even come close to several other languages in terms of the number of people studying it. spanish, french, german and even japanese top it. another question to consider is: why do so many people in China love to learn English?
July 10, 2008
hello como estas soy de venezuela
July 10, 2008
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