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幸福,快乐,轻松, 舒服 what are the difference? 幸福,快乐 means happy. Can I replace one of them in the same situation? 放松 means relaxing, not worry 放松 is apposite with 难过, 紧张,辛苦? 舒服 is only used when I mean my health is good, I feel comfortable. I am confused with all these words. If you can explain or give an example sentense for me, I am really appreciate it. 用中文或者英文解释都可以。 谢谢大家 : )
Jul 26, 2014 8:04 AM
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You're correct. 幸福,快乐 both have the meaning "happy". 快乐is a generic description, but 幸福 is usually to describe love, a marriage or family. 幸福also imply "satisfaction about life" example: 她有一个幸福的家。 She has a happy family. 家人的关怀,我觉得很幸福。 Because of the love and care from my family members, I feel so happy. 我有一个快乐的回忆。I have a good (happy) memory. you can always replace 快乐 with more specific 幸福 to indicate it's love/family related. 放松 is apposite with 紧张. ( relax vs nervous ) 辛苦 means feeling hard or painful ( either mental or physical ) 他的工作很辛苦 His work is tough. 他生病了,很幸苦 ( He got sick, and he's very painful ) 难过means feeling sad about something. 舒服 = feeling good / relax / comfortable 不舒服 = uncomfortable / feeling ill ( either mental or physical )
July 26, 2014
July 26, 2014
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