Why all of us will get hurt if we experience "love"? maybe suffer from love...they get hurt...or some people get suicide after break ups....y did they do this thing?....can we just ignore love?..
Jul 14, 2008 1:18 PM
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Love hurts only if you rush into it before really knowing the other person, their parents, friends, background and views about life in general.There is an old song; Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread!
July 14, 2008
We get hurt because when we love we expose our vulnerabilities to the other person, and therefore it is easy to be hurt. Love is not a conscious decision we make, but rather an emotion, so I must disagree with Jura's answer. If someone loves you they may hurt you unintentionally. This can happen often. But if they hurt you on purpose they do not really love you.
July 15, 2008
Yes the best thing is to ignore this stupid thing. Look because of those suicides you can see that love is just bad. Its a lie of the humans to get more money and might. Never experience love and you will be alive a long life. Experience love and you have a short and painfull life. Believe me I see it in Germany that the most couples ever getting divorced because the partner loosed his job and his wife just married him because of money, domestic violence, cheating the partner with another and much more reasons. Couples just marry because the money they earn flew to just one bank account and so its much more. Love was just a lie, is just a lie and will be just a lie forever.
July 14, 2008
in my opinion it happens because we don't choose right; i think we choose to be in love than being (lonely) or in love with the right one
July 18, 2008
If you're hurt, it is okay. It is life. But you have to stand up again and move on. There are many things in life. There any many others who suffer more than us. Be thankful of our life and move on.......
July 15, 2008
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