Yuxi Gu
汉译英 原文:抵押物抵押期间,抵押人出租抵押物的,须通知贷款人;抵押人以变卖,抵偿债务,赠与等方式处分抵押物的所有权的,须征得贷款人同意。抵押人擅自处分抵押物引起的贷款人的损失,由抵押人承担责任。 我的翻译: During the pledge time, if the pledger rented out the pawn, he need to inform the borrower. If the pledger dealt with the pawn's ownership by selling, compensating and granting etc, he need to informed consent of borrower. The responsibility of the borrower's loss, which is due to the pledger settle the pawn without authorization, is belonging to the pledger. 求修改,求指教~ 非常感谢。 thx for ur help!
Jul 27, 2014 1:38 PM
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My corrections to your English text. I make no guarantee that this is an accurate translation of the original Chinese text. In fact, running the Chinese text through Google Translate suggests that it is probably NOT an accurate translation at all. During the pledge period, if the pledger rents out the pawned item, he must inform the borrower. If the pledger changes the ownership of the pawned item by selling, compensating and granting etc, he must first obtain the informed consent of the borrower. If the pledger settles the pawn without authorization, the pledger will be liable for to the borrower's for any loss.
July 27, 2014
You may ask her...Why this world is so complicated? Why the earth goes around the sun?
July 28, 2014
Why would she need your help if she majors in commercial English?
July 28, 2014
Nothing special, my friend didn't tell me either...let it go=_=
July 28, 2014
Just being curious, why do you need an English translation?
July 28, 2014
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