How do you type accented letters with a US keyboard? Has anyone found an easy way to type accented letters in iTalki with a US keyboard? I know the "ALT+" keystrokes, but those don't seem to work here, and all the virtual keyboard provides is the "ñ". Does anyone have an easy way of typing accented As, Es, etc?
Aug 7, 2014 1:45 AM
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Hola, Ben, esta es la explicación que he dado anteriormente a algunos amigos para conseguir esto. Es la mejor manera que conozco: ★ Tildes en las vocales y letra Ñ ____________ 1. Asegúrate de que tu teclado esté en Inglés Internacional. Esto lo puedes comprobar en Panel de Control → Configuración regional y aquí buscas el teclado y su configuración. 2. Cuando lo tengas así, lo único que tienes que hacer es presionar la tecla ALT Derecha (con la Izquierda no funciona) y luego la tecla "n" y te saldra "ñ". De igual manera para las tildes de las vocales (a, e, i, o, u), ALT Derecha + la vocal. Y para las mayúsculas ALT Derecha + SHIFT + la "N" o vocales. Por favor, dinos si te sirve de ayuda, Ben. Recibe un afectuoso saludo.
August 7, 2014
Alt + 160 = á Alt + 130= é Alt + 161 = í Alt + 162 = ó Alt + 163 = ú Alt + 164 = ñ and ALT + ´ + vocal
August 7, 2014 They have a list accented letters and special characters used in Spanish. Keyboard shortcuts to type those characters are also provided by the site. :)
August 8, 2014
hey! just an offtopic comment, I never imagined how difficult is finding a differente language keyboard. Im in Taiwan and all the keyboars you can find here has the Taiwanese input system which is widely different from the mainland china system. Also I went to some brands official stores like HTC or Asus to ask them if I can order a spanish keyboard, they say thats not possible :(
August 7, 2014
Hi, try this solution in this web page if the "ALT+keystrokes" doesn't work, speacially in laptops: The solution is something old but it will work for windows 7 too There you will find the new combiantions for accented letters, the "ñ" letter and "¿ ¡" I have a Spanish keyboard and tried that option "U.S international keyboard" and it work, I can use the combinatios that web page provides for the accented letters. I hope this will help you.
August 7, 2014
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