mucho y tanto - cuel es la diferencia?
Aug 7, 2014 6:49 PM
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Hi Setenta, I hope that with these explanations, you'll understand it very well. ★ "mucho, mucha, muchos and muchas", with varying of gender and number, can be an adjective meaning: • Abundant, large, intense, exceeding normal → mucho amor (lots of love) → mucho humo (a lot of smoke ) → mucha gente (many people) → mucha agua (much water) → mucha más agua que (much more water than) → muchos amigos (many friends) → muchas mujeres (many women) ★ It can also be an adverb meaning: • In high grade or high amount. → Me gustó mucho la novela (I liked the novel a lot/very much) ____________________________ ★ The forms "tanto, tanta, tantos and tantas", with varying of gender and number, go before nouns, for example: tantas casas, tantos árboles, tanta belleza, tanto viento. The quantifier "tan" is a shorter form of "tanto" used before adjectives and adverbs, and that modifies verbs. Uses of the quantifier "tanto" or "tan" ____________________ • As comparative equality. In this case the second term is introduced by "como": → Es tan alto como su padre (He's as tall as his father). → En este curso hay tantas chicas como chicos (In this course there are many girls as boys). • As intensive quantifier followed by a consecutive sentence introduced by the conjunction "que": → Es tan inteligente que él se graduará pronto (He's so smart that he'll graduate soon). → En esta clase hay tantos alumnos que no caben en el aula (In this class there are many students who don't fit in the classroom). → Hoy se ha portado tan mal que no saldrá a jugar (Today she has behaved so badly that she won't come out to play). • "Tanto" + "como" = Conjunction composed: → Estudia tanto de día como de noche (He studies both day and night). → Conoce tanto la historia como la geografía de su país (She meet both history and geography of their country). I sincerely hope this helps, Setenta. Have a nice day!
August 11, 2014
Hola, espero aclararte la duda con estos ejemplos: - Tenemos mucho tiempo para preparar el examen. -Tenemos tanto tiempo para estudiar que podemos parar para cenar. La diferencia es que mucho se refiera a gran cantidad, mientras que tanto da idea gran de cantidad y además debemos agregar otra acción.
August 7, 2014
Mucho = A lot: Tanto = as much as
August 7, 2014
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