When you talk about a place, how can you refer to it afterwards? Does the pronoun "it" exists? I would like to say something like: Last week, I went to Milan. It is a big city. Is it correct to say: La semaine antérieure, je suis allée á Milan. Elle est une grande ville.
Aug 12, 2014 7:01 PM
Answers · 4
You should say: La semaine dernière, je suis allée à Milan. C'est une grande ville. In this case, you can replace "it is" by "c'est"
August 12, 2014
By the way, there is a lot of pronouns, but not just one like "it". "ceci" is "this", "cela" and "ça" is that (they all replace the word you used before). For example "I like it" is "j'aime ça". They would become "ce", "cet", "cette" if put before a noun. (Ex: J'aime ce livre)
August 13, 2014
careful, "à" with a forward accent doesn't exist in French.
August 12, 2014
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