Hediyeh East
A grammatical question To plant rice, farmers, _____, set young plants in the mud. A. whose bare feet wading in the water B. wading in the water in their bare feet Why is A incorrect? Thank you for your help :)
Aug 17, 2014 2:15 PM
Answers · 3
B is the correct answer. The person (farmer) is walking (wading) in water, when partially immersed in his bare feet.
August 17, 2014
"A" is incorrect because the farmer is wading, not his feet. ::::: By the way, your title should be "a grammar question," that is, a question regarding grammar. A "grammatical question" is just a question that is phrased in a grammatically correct way, which yours was, so the title is not technically "wrong," but I'm fairly sure it's not what you meant. ;)
August 26, 2014
I believe that A would be incorrect because wading should be wade in order to make sense.
August 17, 2014
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