Difference between la and in, de and din Hello, Could some body tell me please what's difference beetwen la and in, de and din in Romanian language? For ex. Sint medic la spitalul din fata. Sau ceri prea mult de la femei Este vorba de mostenirea care se transmite de la parinti la copii. Thanks
Aug 17, 2014 5:54 PM
Answers · 2
la => generally means 'to'. Indicates a destination / points to a space reference Example : Azi am fost la scoala = I went to school today Ma duc la mall = I'm going to the mall in => generally means 'in'/'inside'. It's similar to english, indicates a location and the 'experience' of being there Example : Am fost in mall = I've been in the mall (unlike 'la' which points to the fact that i'm going but .. maybe i won't go inside the mall, maybe i'll just meet someone around the mall, 'in' indicates that -going inside-) de - generally means "by" or "of". It usually points to the type of origin Example : Am fost surprins de rezultat = I've been surprised by the result Am mancat un tort de ciocolata = I've eaten a chocolate cake (a cake -made of- chocolate) din - generally means 'from'. It usually points to the place of origin. Example : Am venit din parc = I'm back from the park Eu sunt din Anglia = I'm from England.
August 18, 2014
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