spoken forms of آمدن *Dear Friends, we know in simple present tense, the spoken forms of آمدن is different from the written form(می آیم می آیی می آید می آییم می آیید می آیند) , I would like to know how to write these spoken forms(miam, miay, miad......)in Persian alphabet?sometimes we need to write it especially in a conversation(گفتگو). Thanks!
Aug 18, 2014 4:27 PM
Answers · 3
میام میای میاد میایم میاید میان
August 18, 2014
Past tense: aamadam , aamadi , aamad, aamadim, aamadid , aamadand Spoken form: oomadam, oomadi, oomad, oomadim, oomadid, oomadand aa is changed to oo Sometimes or some bodies don't change aa to oo like me I say : man aamadam bebinamet / khosh aamadi/ ostad aamadand?! And.... Present tense: mi aayam, mi aayi, mi aayad, mi aayim, mi aayid, mi aayand Spoken form : miaam , miaay, miaad, miaaym, miaayd, miaand This form is the same as abbreviation of the subject and verb at this : it is= it's I am = I'm / I would = I'd Omit some letter from verb می آییم = میایم
August 21, 2014
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