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doost darid chan ta jomleye farsi yad begirid! your wellcom بی خیال بابا Is a slang for saying to a friend( to everyone who is close with us) don't worry, not at all, take it easy, bi khial baba/ bi= without| khial= thought| baba= daddy بی خیال، ول کن vel kon [ leave it] فدایی داری fadaayi daari[ I die for you because I love you a lot] :-)Where is Iranian Friends!!!! Please join and leave comments ,give us your own examples
Aug 18, 2014 8:27 PM
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eywal = ایول
August 18, 2014
Street slangs :) they are awesome !
August 20, 2014
Here's a meh attempt at a Persian urbandictionary: http://www.farsishahri.com/
August 22, 2014
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