take advantage of I need to translate Cuando estoy en casa de Ana aprovecho para estudiar porque es profesora. When I am st Anna's home I .........study because she is a teacher. I think " take advantage is not right but what verb then? I mean I spend some time studying because she can help me, although that was not my purpose on going there Thanks
Aug 19, 2014 1:07 PM
Answers · 2
Perhaps: "take the opportunity to" study.
August 19, 2014
Matt's suggestion of 'take the opportunity to' is a good one. We also have the phrase 'to make the most of' (a situation) which can also be used to translate 'aprovechar' in some cases. 'Take advantage of' often has negative connotations, so you are right not to use it here.
August 19, 2014
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