help me to know everyday used in spanish pls. a simple language that i can use everyday.
Jul 17, 2008 5:32 AM
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Well... if you really wanna learn a language, i recommend you get some material to learn! I can tell you 'everyday phrases', but will you be able to use them on your own? will you know what the words mean? :P i hope you understand. anyway. hola = hello (informal) nos vemos = see you (informal) adios = goodbye (formal) buenos dias = good morning (formal) buenas tardes = good evening (formal) buenas noches = good night (formal. mostly used when you're saying goodbye to someone at night) gracias = thanks (formal) muchas gracias = many thanks (formal) disculpe, [algo] = excuse me, [something]. (formal) disculpe, no hablo español = excuse me, i don't speak spanish (formal) hope this helps :)
July 17, 2008
Hi, There are many spanish phrases used daily.. Following you can see some of them: Greetings and small talk Buenos días.-> Good morning. ¿Cómo está usted?->How are you? Estoy bien.->I am fine. Bastante bien.->I am OK. Un poquito cansado->Little sleepy Un poco fatigado->Little tired ¡Adiós!->Good-bye Hasta luego.->See you later. Questions and Answers ¿Qué es eso?->What is this? Esto es un libro.->This is a book. ¿Qué es esto?->What is this? Es mi ... ->It's my ... Es tu ... ->It's your ... Es su ... ->It's your ... Es su ... ->It's his ... Es su ... ->It's her ... Es nuestro ... ->It's our ... Es su ... ->It's your ... Es su ... ->It's their ... ¿Cuándo me voy?->When do I go? A las diez de la mañana.->At ten a.m. A las dos de la tarde->At two p.m. ¿Dónde está el bano?->Where is the bathroom? A la derecha->On your right A la izquierda->On your left ¿Quién es?->Who is that? Es el maestro.->It is the teacher. Me llamo Pepe ->My name is Pepe Mucho gusto->Pleased to meet you. or Nice to meet you ¿Cuánto cuesta?->What does it cost? or How much? Tres dolares->Three dollars Dos dolares->Two dollars Treinta centavos->Thirty cents School Phrases una escuela->a school clase por la mañana->morning class clase por la tarde->afternoon class clase nocturna->evening class usar la computadora->use computer leer libros->read books leer diarios->read newspapers leer revistas->read magazines hacer la tarea->do homework escribir a mano->write longhand usar la pluma->use pen usar lápiz->use pencil tomar notas->take notes silencio, por favor->no talking prohibido fumar->no smoking hora del almuerzo->lunch breaks hacerse amigos->make friends cierre por favor->please fasten cinturón de seguridad->seatbelt After School: jugar a deportes->play sports béisbol->baseball fútbol americano->football fútbol->soccer nadar->go swimming pasear->take a walk ....and many other phrases more. Saludos Pepe
July 18, 2008
se dice lunes, martes,miercoles,jueves,viernes,sabado,domingo.
July 19, 2008
es muy facil el español animo
July 17, 2008
ayudame a saber todos los dias usando en espanol
July 17, 2008
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