What does it mean 'That's very forward of you'? In Please Like Me 3 Women play the game from the film, Notting Hill where the person with the saddest story gets the last treat. Ginger says she slept with her boyfriend's best friend whom she hates after she broke up with her boyfriend. Rose says her first time sex was with her husband Rose: Hannah? Hannah: I was raped. Rose: Oh, that....That's very forward of you. What does it mean 'That's very forward of you' in this context? Thank you in advance!
Aug 21, 2014 5:34 PM
Answers · 8
Hi this wouldn't actually be the right thing to say in this context anyway. Its more likely they would be embarassed or upset and say something like Oh, I'm sorry. Or I don't think that was an appropriate thing to say when its a game. They would not say it was forward, I wouldn't anyway! Being forward means you do or say something that someone else thinks is going beyond normal boundaries of good manners or taste. Or they are considered very cheeky to ask, say or do something. That was very forward of him to sit next to us at the table. (He is a stranger or someone they do not know well) It was very forward of you to ask me how much money I earned last week. They are too forward, they should not have stayed on my couch last night without asking. Can I be very forward and take the salt from your table, we don't have any? This is something people may say but it is not normally too forward, a way of being polite.
August 21, 2014
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