French keyboard layout? Do people who write something in French need to have an another keyboard layout in addition to the English one? I know French language contains same Latin alphabet, but there are some "interesting" symbols. They cannot event write a word which is describing their language. They write "Français", but not "Francais". What do they do in such cases? Do they switch to another layout, use some keyboard combinations or the system automatically correct symbols like T9 on mobile phones?They cannot even*
Aug 23, 2014 4:45 PM
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French speakers use a French layout (azerty). It can be easily switched on a smartphone or a tablet. On these devices, you can use T9 or when you let your finger pressed on the letter, a box with the modified letter appears. (e -> é è ë ê). You can also change the layout on your computer but of course you have to buy another keyboard or put stickers on it. On these keyboards you have the key "é è ç à" on the digits key and you have to use caps to have the digits. You have also a key with "ù" above the right shift key. Finally you have a key with the symbol "^" and "¨" if you use caps. This key is at the right of the first row of letters. This key must be pressed before the letter key that you want to add the symbol on. So if I press "^" and after "e" I have "ê". The latin letters aren't in the same order because as the English layout, it was designed to avoid blocking on mechanic typewriters depending of the used letters in the language. So the design of these keyboards are actually silly but it was kept because people were used to it. You can look at wikipedia for more information :
August 23, 2014
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