Could someone please help me learn Spanish? Hi! I'm going to Argentina in a few months, and I would like a good grasp of the language when I leave. I just started learning. Could someone please help me along?
Aug 25, 2014 11:10 AM
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Hi there Sydney! Here on Italki you will find a lot of teachers that can help you learn Spanish. My recommendation is that first of all, you should review several teacher profiles, and pay attention to the reputation each one of them have and the comments that their students have made about the teacher. That's the most accurate way to know if a tutor fills your expectations without having a trial session. You can choose the 3 teachers that you like the most and request a trial session with each one, and then, make a final decision (which one or ones you will stay). Also, i highly recommend you to find a native spanish speaker. What's better than a person that carries his/her life in Spanish every day? I'm a tutor, i can help you learn Spanish. If you want, you can contact me on my teaching profile. I wish you the best of luck finding your teacher! :)
August 25, 2014
My recommendation: 1 - Buy Benny's book "fluent in 3 months" for very, very good general advice for learning languages, and LOTS of encouragement and inspiration. 2 - As you go through the book, start memorizing these basic phrases with native audio recordings: 3 - Grab any cheap Basic Spanish course 4 - Practice everything you learn on that course on iTalki, both in writing, informal tutoring and via language exchange. Since you are going to Argentina, you should choose Argentine tutors and exchange pals. 5 - Immerse yourself in Spanish language videos with subtitles in FluentU 6 - You can also find a huge amount of bilingual material with both script and audio recordings on the world's most translated website, JW dot org. Just find an article you like and then change the language with the language selector. With this material you can practice the famous "shadowing" technique. (Google it) 7 - Surround yourself with people who do not speak English, or who are patient enough not to resort to English with you. (See Benny's book for more advice).
August 27, 2014
Hello! I'm a Certified Spanish Teacher, and I'm from Argentina. If you want, you can see my teacher profile. Best regards, Alejo.
August 25, 2014
sure! I can do that! (:
August 25, 2014
Hello, Sydney. Congrats on your decision to learn Spanish, and your commitment to being ready in time for a trip to Argentina! In decades of learning and teaching languages, I've found that getting off to a good start, using effective methodology from the beginning, before you've had the chance to pick up bad habits, will save tons of time both short term and long term. I haven't had a chance yet to publish the new course description, but if you really want to learn Spanish in time for your trip to Argentina, you may want to contact me for details.
August 25, 2014
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